General Information

VISION Statement

Sedlescombe House’s vision of the future is to continue to provide the best possible healthcare and education to meet the needs of the practice population within our friendly Practice.

To offer a team approach to healthcare not only within our own practice but to integrate with local practices to ensure that the human resources and skills available are used to the advantage of the local community.

To continue to treat each patient as an individual and be sensitive to their needs without any prejudice.

To continue to offer enhanced services within the practice and hopefully negotiate with the Clinical Commisioning Group (C.C.G.) to extend the range of services provided

To look at the best ways of obtaining community feedback and involvement in the planning and development of primary care, in conjunction with the C.C.G.

Ultimately to be a general practice that patients feel comfortable to visit and feel safe in the knowledge they will be offered a good primary care service.



The full inspection can be viewed on the CQC website


Please be aware that you must inform us as soon as possible if you change your address. Unfortunately, due to our current situation of being unable to recruit another GP to our practice, if your new address lies outside the surgery catchment area, you will be asked to change to a surgery that covers that area.


Online appointments, repeat prescribing service and medical summary is available to you, please ask telephone or ask at reception for further details.


It is the responsibility of the patient to arrive on time for their consultation, if they cannot attend the appointment, it is their responsibility to inform the surgery as soon as possible. The patient must also inform the surgery of any change in personal details, including change of address, telephone number etc. If your new address falls out of the practice catchment area (available to view at reception) we will have to ask you to move to a practice that covers that area.

We expect that patients will treat members of staff in a polite and respectful manner.

It is the patients right to be registered with a G.P. and have access to a doctor (not necessarily their own) at the surgery during surgery hours (Please see Appointments section).  Patients have the right to access both manual and computerised medical records. However, the GP has the right to withhold any record that may cause harm to the patient or contains information regarding another person. There is an administration fee for the provision of this service.

Patients have the right to comment or complain if, they feel unjustly treated in any way, by a member of the Practice. All comments and complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Practice Manager.



The Practice holds the NHS policy of NO TOLERANCE toward violent or abusive patients. This gives the clinicians the right to refuse to see any patient who acts in a manner thought to be threatening. This also includes patients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



Patients have the right of confidentiality. The doctors are unable to disclose any information to a third party without the written consent of the patient. They are able to pass information to those who are involved in any further treatment required by the patient.  

GP NET Earnings

The Net earnings for the GP's for the year 2016-17 was £48,063.00